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Logo-TC 40 Zombie Brain contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.

The Zombie Brain is a big, meaty brain with a nasty green tint. These drop exclusively from "Brainy Zombies ", so feel free to emancipate this organ from them.

They are used in the Quaesitum to research Brain-in-a-Jar, a block that boosts the performance of the Quaesitum, the Thaumic Enchanter, and the default Enchantment Table. The chance of a theory being produced from said brain is 20~%. Adding more brains into the other two slots can improve your chances of getting a result.

Can also be put into a crucible to be recycled.

Absolutely inedible. Good with salt.


Research of theories for Collected Wisdom and Brain-in-a-Jar also can give you Fragment of Forbidden Knowledge

It cannot be duplicated in Thaumic Duplicator

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