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Artifacts are special items that are used for research.

Rarity Lost Forbidden Tainted Eldritch Success Probability

Grid Ancient Pottery Ancient Pottery

Grid Distorted Skull Distorted Skull

Grid Taint Spores Taint Spores

Grid Shard of Strange Metal Shard of Strange Metal

10 %

Grid Tarnished Chalice Tarnished Chalice

Grid Cracked Wisp Shell Cracked Wisp Shell

Grid Tainted Organ Tainted Organ

Grid Eldritch Mechanism Eldritch Mechanism


Grid Worn Statuette Worn Statuette

Grid Inhuman Skull Inhuman Skull

Grid Tainted Fuit Tainted Fuit

Grid Opalescent Eye Opalescent Eye

20 %

Grid Ancient Weapon Ancient Weapon

Grid Darkened Crystal Eye Darkened Crystal Eye

Grid Tainted Branch Tainted Branch

Grid Disturbing Mirror Disturbing Mirror


Grid Ancient Seal Ancient Seal

Grid Knotted Spite Knotted Spite

Grid Intact Taintspore Pod Intact Taintspore Pod

Grid Glowing Eldritch Device Glowing Eldritch Device


Grid Ancient Stone Tablet Ancient Stone Tablet

Grid Tome of Forbidden Knowledge Tome of Forbidden Knowledge

Grid Writhing Taint Tendrils Writhing Taint Tendrils

Grid Eldritch Repository Eldritch Repository


Obtaining Artifacts Edit

Common Lost and Forbidden artifacts are uncommon drops from monsters.

Tainted Artifacts can be obtained from mobs, plants, and Tainted Logs inside a natural tainted zone.

Eldritch Artifacts can be obtained inside Eldritch Monoliths.

You can get almost all other artifacts with Relic Hunter Enchantment.

Exceptional Artifacts can be obtained only from naturally generated chests, such as those inside mineshafts, dungeons, and villages.

Ironicly, Diamond Blocks have a research value of 24, meaning that if you put a diamond block in each of the three slots on the left of the Quaesitum, you have a success rate of 72. If you have lots of Collectors and Relays, this is especially useful becuase you can gain Lost and Forbidden fragments from the blocks (Eldritch?). As a bonus, you can gain Tainted research fragments, which means you won't have to step foot into a Taint zone to get Tainted items to research (though Lost fragments are the most common).

Rarely, Writhing Taint Tendrils can be dropped by Tainted Villagers. (Saw this happen once while experementing. TMI was used to spawn the tainted villigers and this dropped. Needs more testing.) This also occured with tainted chickens (Needs testing to see if all tainted creatures can drop Writhing Taint Tendrils).

Video Tutorial Edit

Technic Tutorials 3106:45

Technic Tutorials 31. Finding Thaumcraft Artifacts

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