Logo railcraft 40 Work Cart contains information about the Railcraft mod.
Work Cart
Grid Work Cart
Type Cart
Stackable No
Mod Included Railcraft

Work Carts are mobile workbenches used in Railcraft as a means of taking one's work-space with them when assembling and plotting out large stretches of track.

The Work Cart is as simple as it is useful: a Workbench placed inside an empty Minecart. The cart cannot be ridden in, and it will not store any items or materials. However, it can be pushed and pulled as a typical cart can, and can be linked to other Carts (using the Crowbar) to form part of a Train. It also functions like a typical workbench; right-clicking with anything (other than a Crowbar) brings up the Crafting Table GUI. Work carts can also be found in dungeons


Crafting GUI.png

Crafting Table


Work Cart

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