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Wireless Redstone is a Minecraft mod made by Chicken Bones that allows you to transmit and receive redstone signals without wires. It has replaced the old Wireless Redstone mod. The CBE stands for Chicken Bones Edition. It was created as an advanced version of the original Wireless Redstone.


To send a redstone signal from point A to B, you need a Wireless Transmitter on A and Wireless Receiver on B. you can tranfer only raw redstone signal - Bundled Cable is unsupported.

Crafting ComponentsEdit

Obsidian Stick

REther Pearl

Wireless Transceiver

Blaze Transceiver

Stone Bowl

Receiver Dish

Wireless TransmitterEdit

Sends received input to a Wireless Receiver. Both have to be set to the same frequency. Right click on a Transmitter opens a GUI, where the frequency can be adjusted. You can rotate the block using RedPower Screwdriver.

Wireless ReceiverEdit

Outputs received redstone signal. Signal must be send via a Wireless Transmitter tuned to the identical frequencey. Right click on a Receiver opens a GUI, where the frequency can be adjusted. You can rotate the block RedPower Screwdriver.

Wireless JammerEdit

2012-08-22 12.07.05

Wireless Jammer: CBE

Constantly fires bolts of REther energy, which causes damage to any living creature or player struck, or will jam (deactivate) wireless devices struck for a short period. The jammer can be turned off with a redstone signal. (Note: Enough of these will make a very potent "electric fence" of sorts. Be careful if you do this to keep any wireless reciever for remotely turning it off far enough away from the jammers.)

Wireless TrackerEdit

Used to track mobs, animals, or other players. Hold shift and right click to set frequency. After a frequency has been set the tracker can be thrown directly onto a animal, mob, or player, or be thrown onto the floor, where the first one of the above that walks over it will pick it up.


Acts just like a vanilla compass, except that it finds wireless trackers or transmitters that are on. Hold shift and right click to set frequency. (Note: Frequency must be the same as that of the tracker/transmitter you are trying to find.)

Wireless MapEdit

Acts just like a vanilla map except that all wireless trackers show up as colored dots. Unless you are on a very small map, triangulators are a more efficient way of finding trackers than filling wireless maps.

Wireless RemoteEdit

Used to manually activate a frequency of wireless redstone. This is done by right clicking. Hold shift and right click to set the frequency.

Wireless SnifferEdit

When right clicked with, a grid of red boxes appears. Each red box is a frequency of wireless redstone. Boxes that are lit up are currently on.


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