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Logo outdated40 The mod content described in this article is not included in the current recommended version of Technic Pack and might be outdated.

NOTE: For the version of Wireless Redstone included in the current recommended build, see Wireless Redstone: CBE.


Wireless Redstone is a Minecraft mod that allows you to transmit and receive redstone signals without wires.


The Wireless Transmitter block sends redstone states on selected frequencies over something called the "redstone ether". The ether functions as a binding mechanism between the transmitters and receivers (called ether nodes). They are stored in different frequency "containers" where they can interact with each other.

This mod can save much complication with redstone wiring, and, with almost unlimited channels, can allow the player to make extremely complicated redstone contraptions.


Wireless Transmitter Wireless Receiver

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Minecraft Wireless Redstone

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