Logo-IC2 40 Wind Mill contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.
Wind Mill
Block Wind Mill
Type Generator
Tool Grid Wrench (Industrialcraft)
Stackable Yes
Mod Included Industrial Craft

Wind Mills are an unreliable source of EU. However, on average they generate more EU than solar panels.


Crafting GUI.png






Wind Mill


It is important to note that Wind Mills will generate EU throughout the night whilst solar panels will not, effectively doubling their average EU output per day against that of solar generators if they generated the same amount during daylight. They generate based on their effective altitude and the windspeed of the world.

In clear weather, a Wind Mill will generate 0-40 EU/t. This number is affected by the altitude as well as blocks in the immediate 9x9x7 block surrounding area. During stormy weather, the power generation of the Wind Mill increases by as much as 50%.

Generally wind mills will begin to generate the optimum power when they are at the windy point in your world. The gui of the windmill will denote how much wind is present by filling up the fan gauge on the bottom as wind speeds increase. Tests on flatmode have shown 20 percent wind at layer 100, 40 percent at 125, and 80 percent at layer 150. The wind layer ends a bit over layer 165 to 175 yielding the best results closer to layer 150.

Also if you're running cable down from this height, but don't seem to be getting power, try stepping up the voltage using a lv transformer near the wind mill array. Remember to supply the lv transformer with a redstone signal when using its step-up functionality.

Video TutorialEdit

Minecraft Feed The Beast tutorial Wind mill power!04:07

Minecraft Feed The Beast tutorial Wind mill power!

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Minecraft Technic Part 4. Batbox, Solar Power, Wind Power and the Wrench!

Technic Tutorials Episode 2 - Re Battery, Batbox, Solar Panel, Wind Mill And Water Mill11:57

Technic Tutorials Episode 2 - Re Battery, Batbox, Solar Panel, Wind Mill And Water Mill

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