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Logo-TC 40 Wand of Fire contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.

When activated this wand sends out a stream of fire that burns any creature caught in its path

Infuser RecipeEdit


Click to shoot a stream of fire. It has a durability, but it can be recharged,

The wand does little damage, but It's cheaper than enchanting a weapon with Fire aspect. Take to note though,  a bow does much more damage on hit and a enchanted bow of bone with Flame will substitute one.

It is effective against small enemies, such as rats or small slimes. Larger enemies take more effort than it's probably worth. A zombie takes at least 4 "swipes" with the wand, assuming you click once and wait for the fire to go out before clicking again. Holding right click takes approx. 5 seconds to kill them.

Wisps are extremely difficult to kill with this wand, as the fire is put out almost instantly. The Wand of Lightning is much more effective to use against Wisps. See here for more information on Wisps here:

See also: Thaumic Restorer

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