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A volcano is a terrain generator edit by the Redpower mod which spawns large volcanoes in the landscape. They are composed entirely of basalt, and near the center of the top of the volcano there is one block of lava which may spread to form a lavafall down the sides of the Volcano. At the lava sprout there is a hollow shaft of basalt, filled with Lava, that extends all the way down to near Bedrock and ends in a small lava pool. Due to other landscape changes the volcano can be overwritten and in turn may overwrite other objects such as Rubber trees (Confirmed with Redpower and Industrial Craft Trees).

This is a very valuable find for anybody hoping to create efficient Geothermal Generators, for the lava inside of them is nearly endless. They are also valuable sources of basalt and basalt cobblestone, which can only be found directly adjacent to volcanoes (vertically or horizontally). This can also be used to create basalt brick, which is created like stone brick by smelting the basalt cobblestone into basalt and making it like you would stone to stone brick.

Volcanoes can have a bunch of obsidian on the bottom.


  • Volcanoes will sometimes explode near the top, damaging any structures built on top (need citation)
  • Volcanoes cause rumbling sound effects within range.

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