Logo-TC 40 Vis Condenser contains information about the ThaumCraft 2 mod.
This information may not apply to the later ThaumCraft 3 version.
Vis Condenser
Block Vis Condenser
Type Thaumic Machine
Physics No
Tool Grid Wooden Axe
Stackable No
Mod Included Thaumcraft

The Vis Condenser provides an additional method of gaining Vis besides smelting items in a Crucible. By placing any kind of Vis Crystal in the slot on the left the condenser uses it as a medium to slowly draw pure vis from the Aura.


Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot

Enchanted Wood

Vis Crystal

Vis Conduit

Enchanted Wood

Iron Ingot

Enchanted Wood

Vis Condenser

2012-12-27 10.07.19

Vis Condensers attached to a [Thaumium Reinforced Tank]


Gui-vis condenser

The GUI of the Vis Condenser.

Place a Vis Crystal into the condenser to make it draw pure Vis out of the atmosphere. It also has the unfortunate side effect of depleting the crystal, and after some time it will turn into a depleted crystal (in older versions you would get a Tainted crystal). Unlike the Crucible, the condenser produces 100% pure, untainted Vis.

This will lower the Aura level, i.e., it will lower the amount of atmospheric Vis. Remember to keep an eye on the atmospheric Vis/Taint levels, lest you risk creating a local Taint infection.

The speed at which the Condenser draws Vis from the atmosphere is determined by the current phase of the moon. The fuller the moon is, the faster the condenser works. More importantly, the amount of Vis that can be drawn with a single crystal also varies with the phase of the moon - the fuller it is, the more Vis can be drawn before it is depleted.

If you place several Vis Condensers next to each other, they act as Vis Conduits and distribute the Vis they have siphoned out of the atmosphere amongst each other. This way, you don't have to connect all of them to conduits, and you place them in tight clusters.


You can apply up to two different upgrades to the Vis Condenser by putting the upgrade in your hotbar and right click it onto the condenser. If you apply a Concentrated Evil upgrade and place a Tainted Crystal in the condenser, it draws 100% pure Taint out of the atmosphere. You can use this to lower the amount of atmospheric Taint, which is very important if you want to permanently clean up a Taint-infected area.

If you apply a Quicksilver Core upgrade, the condenser will work much faster. This comes in handy if you want to clean up a Taint-infected area fast; just apply the Quicksilver Core to the condenser after you have installed a Concentrated Evil upgrade. Condensers with a Quicksilver Core upgrade have fast-moving silvery pistons at their sides.

The crystals in the condenser will deteriorate much slower if you install a Stabilized Singularity upgrade. Use this upgrade together with a Quicksilver Core upgrade, and you will have an efficient setup for drawing Vis out of the atmosphere. Condensers with a Stabilized Singularity have a 2D vortex moving up and down the crystal. The vortex looks similar to the Portal Seal's vortex, but much smaller.


  1. The Condenser needs to be connected to a Vis Tank. Vis taken from the Aura is only available as a liquid

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