MillenaireTempIcon Village Wand contains information about the Millénaire mod which is not included in the current recommended version of Technic Pack and might be outdated.
Village Wand

The Village Wand (also known as the Summoning Wand) is an item that is part of the Millenaire mod.

It is used to create new villages full of NPCs. If the player has enough reputation/money they can control and command the processes of the villages, as well as using the wand in the construction of new buildings. The wand can be obtained by buying or trading from a villager.

Using the wand (right clicking) on a gold block will pop up a GUI to choose to generate one of the different types of villages with.


  • When creating villages, buildings may spawn on top of the player. This obviously presents a large hazard to the player, and so it is advised that all items are deposited in a chest before a village is created.
  • Villages will not be created if there is not enough available space. If this is the case, a message will be shown.
  • Compatible blocks can be seen in-game by using the wand on a block that is not compatible. This will cause a message to be shown displaying a list of compatible blocks.