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Crashes when putting pipes on ANYTHING

Xyoends June 15, 2012 User blog:Xyoends

Backstory: So I originally lost my first world to a pipe crash and now I am on my second world and I make backups every half an hour so I'm not screwed over.

And Now: So, I tried the same thing I did with my first world(connecting pipes to an energycondenser then a energy collector) after making a backup and it crashed. So I changed the backup to the world and just continued on without it. Now I have mastered the EE mod pretty much and I have just set up a quarry. I first made a backup just on habit to make sure nothing would go wrong then BOOM, I place the pipe on the quarry and it crashes.

I have heard that this is about memory usuage so I was wondering is there a way to allow more memory to the technic launcher or any way I can use the pipes without crashing because if I can't then I am going to miss out of more than half of the mods full potential.

Thanks if you can help me,


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