Heya dudes. I'm going to talk about the unfinished category and banner. I'm not going to say when you should put it into a page you've created (because you should automatically put the unfinished banner in any content page you make), I'm going to tell you when you can get rid of it.

Most of the regulars should know by now that banners that show up at the top of the page (that is, the top of the content of the page, not the wikia banner) also automatically places the category that banner is showing off. So the IC2 banner will automatically add the IC2 category to it. However, removing the banner does not automatically remove the category. You have to open the "Categories" tab in the editor. It should be beneath the "Add features and media" tab in both editing types. In the Visual editor you have to click on the trash bin that appears when you highlight it, and in the Source editor, you simply have to delete the line of text that has the name of the category you want to remove.

Now, regarding the time when you should actually remove the unfinished banner and tag. To determine when to remove the tag, you have to ask yourself a few questions about the page. These questions are:

  • Does it have a basic description of what the item in the page is and what it does?
  • Does it have a detailed description of how to use it? (If it doesn't have a text description, does it have a video description? Video descriptions will work fine, but it would be nice to have both.)
  • Does it have images showing what it looks like? (In my opinion, as long as it has the inventory icon that's enough for me.)
  • Is the page formatted the same as the rest of the pages in the mod category, as well as the same format as all the other pages on the wiki?
  • Does it have the proper categories?
  • Does it have the crafting recipe?

These are just a few of the many qualifications for the finished page, but I think they are the more important ones to ask. If the majority of these are answered with a yes, then go ahead and remove the banner and most importantly the category tag as well.

That is all.

Keep on editing, Nethaufer (talk) 16:15, September 7, 2012 (UTC)

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