Okay, I'm pretty sure most of you know what banners are by now. They're the things that are on the top of the pages, like how Diamond Drill has a banner on the top of it saying "Diamond Drill has info regarding IC2" or something like that.

I would like to make a standard of what order you put them in. Now, you would think it doesn't matter which goes first, but it actually does. If you put an unfinished banner before the IC2 banner, it gets categorized as Unfinished<Industrial Craft. What that means is that it is a subpage under the category of Unfinished. It would be better to put the IC2 banner first, and then the Unfinished one, which makes it Industrial Craft<Unfinished. This clearly defines it in the Industrial Craft category as a page that needs more work.

There are also one or two other banners, like the future content ones, that really don't have a specific place to put it, but I think putting them before all the other ones would work just fine.

Don't worry too much about pages already made, change them if you want, but focus more on the pages that have yet to be made. Remember, the order is: Mod it's from<Additional mod banner if the content is from more than one mod<Unfinished. Or, if it's regarding future content, do the same order, but add the future content banner before anything else.

Happy editing! Nethaufer 15:14, June 4, 2012 (UTC)

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