I realized a little bit ago that we don't have many, if any, pages for Millenaire (or however you spell it). I would love to add the pages myself, but I'm busy with doing things involving the main mods. Any of you who would like to add pages, go ahead. I just ask you to follow one format for all the pages. Start with the info, then create a new heading by either selecting Heading 2, or if you are using the source editor, type ==(text here)==, and name it Recipe. If there is any info that doesn't seem to fit under the main info, create a section called 'Notes' (sans ') and add that information as a bulleted list.

Also, keep the names of the pages the same as what the ingame tooltip would say. Avoids confusion and is easier to link.

Happy editing folks.

An Additional Note: Please create the page and add as much info into the page as possible. Do not just create a blank page. Also, please refrain from making a main directory page for the pages you make too, we'll do that for you once we finish our focus on RP, BC, and IC. Please refrain from adding categories as well. You can add general ones like Items, Tools, and Blocks, but don't add anything more complicated than that.

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