Hello everyone,

starting immediately, this wiki will be using the new Wikia message wall feature instead of the old talk page.

The message wall provides several advantages over the old talk page:

  • When making a post, users are now asked to provide a title.
  • New posts made to a users message wall will be created as a new discussion thread. Subsequent comments to that thread will be indented to the right, similar to the comment section of regular wiki articles.
  • As opposed to the talk page, the accounts of users posting to a message wall are automatically linked to their profile. Formerly, if a user forgot to sign his post, you would have had to check the talk page history in order to find out who posted a comment to your talk page. Now, you can just click on the user icon instead.

If you have any additional questions about that feature, please consult this help page or post in the comments of this blog post.

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