Logo-TC 40 Traveling Trunk contains information about the ThaumCraft 2 mod.
This information may not apply to the later ThaumCraft 3 version.
Exclam-mark 40 This article is about Thaumcraft 2. If you are using the stable Technic Pack Release 6.0.7 for Minecraft 1.1, please refer to this page for the article about the old Thaumcraft mod.
Traveling trunk

The basic trunk, nothing added.

The Traveling Trunk is a magical luggage carved from a special kind of wood. It will keep your stuff, follow you, and even attack your enemies, remember to keep it fed!


Have you ever found yourself in the bottom of some dark cave system, staring at a rich vein of Ore, but with not a single space left in your pack? Fret no more! With the Marvellous Traveling Trunk you need never run out of space again!

Trunk eating

This is what happens when the trunk eats.

These trunks act like chests that happily hop after their owner and hold all sorts of goodies. They can be injured by mobs or the environment so make sure to feed them something every now and then. They also eat any food they contain once their health drops dangerously low. You are also able to command it to stay in one location by clicking on the arrow icon in it's inventory screen.

And although useful, too many together (generaly 20+) may cause your computer to lag. They are also really loud.

Angry trunk

The angry trunk (note that the eyes are different).

This recipe creates the basic Traveling trunk with limited space and no special abilites.


A Traveling Trunk can be upgraded with up to three upgrades. The following upgrades are available:


Crafting GUI.png

Enchanted Wood

Enchanted Wood

Enchanted Wood

Enchanted Wood

Soul Fragment

Enchanted Wood

Enchanted Wood

Enchanted Wood

Enchanted Wood

Traveling Trunk

Note that the Traveling Trunk must be researched before being available in Thaumcraft 2. It is within the Lost Knowledge research set.


  • The Traveling Trunk can be picked up again with the Wand of Reversal.
  • The Trunk will teleport to your location if you go too fast for it, but only if you are on land. It will not follow you into deep water or whilst using a jetpack. Be careful not to leave it behind in an unloaded chunk as it will not teleport to your location.

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