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Redpower-logo1 Transposer contains information about the RedPower mod.
Block Transposer
Type Machine
Tool Grid Screwdriver
Stackable No
Mod Included RedPower

Transposers pick up any items that land around it and spit them out the back. Attach a Pneumatic Tube to the back of the transposer and hook it up to a chest to collect the items.

The transposer can operate with and without redstone power. In its unpowered state the transposer will only pick up items that come into contact with its front face, however when powered with a redstone pulse (not a continuous signal) it will suck up all items in the area 3x3x3 around its face, as well as extract items from a chest or any other block with an inventory in front of it.

When a Transposer is powered by a constant redstone signal, it will not let any items through, so it can serve as a gate for pneumatic tubes. Crafting the Transposer gives you the "Dual Cyclonic Action!" achievement.



  • Items can be sucked in from the 3x3 area above the transposer when it's in the floor. It can be used in automated farming.
  • The Transposer and Filter look very similar but the filter has a slit at the bottom of the side faces and has a slightly yellow tint to it.
Transposer and Filter

Comparison of Transposer and Filter

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