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The Transformer Upgrade is used to upgrade a machine to the next highest tier of input power. Upon placement in an upgrade slot on any Industrial Craft machine, it will increase that machine's input tolerance up to the next tier.

Be sure you apply the Transformer Upgrade(s) to your machines before connecting a higher tier power input to them. Connecting the power before you apply the upgrade will result in the machine's explosion.

Also mind in SMP players can fiddle with machine upgrades despite zone protection. The result is a cascade of exploding machines.

One upgrade enables a tier 1 LV (32 EU/t) machine to accept a maximum current of 128 EU/t (MV). Two upgrades will allow the same machine to accept a maximum current of HV (512 EU/t). Finally, three upgrades will allow a simple Macerator to accept Extreme Voltage current, a whopping 2048 EU/t. Putting in a fourth upgrade will not allow a machine to accept higher than EV, such as from a Nuclear Reactor. It will blow up regardless of the upgrades, making four upgrades in one machine completely useless.


Crafting GUI.png


2x Insulated Gold Cable



MV Transformer

Electronic Circuit


2x Insulated Gold Cable


Transformer Upgrade

This is used in lieu of having several LV Transformers (and possibly MV Transformers) before you connect cable to machines which accept a lower tier of power than you're producing.

Machines which support usage of the Transformer Upgrade include:

Compressor Singularity Compressor
Extractor Centrifuge Extractor
Macerator Rotary Macerator
Electric Furnace Note the Induction Furnace does not support upgrades

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