MillenaireTempIcon Trading (Millenaire) contains information about the Millénaire mod which is not included in the current recommended version of Technic Pack and might be outdated.

Trading in Millenaire is the act of exchanging your own items with NPCs. Different NPCs will trade different items.


The player can trade with traders. These are usually found within the central building of a village or settlement. The player must be friendly towards the village and culture before they are able to trade items.


Once a trader is found, they must be right clicked on and a GUI will open. Items that the trader is selling will be listed int he top box, items that they will buy in the bottom.

Trading GUI

The in-game trading GUI.

The player must choose what they wish to trade in, and then click the item they wish to recieve. Left Shift + Click will trade 8 items, Left Control + Click will trade the entire stack. Villagers will use any items/blocks that you trade in to expand and build their village.

Different villages, cultures, and traders will have better and worse prices for different items. Once a player finds a good rate to sell and buy items from different cultures they can gain a desired item exponentially by buying and selling to different cultures.

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