Logo-sc 40 Torch Placer contains information about the Steve's Carts mod.
Torch Placer
Grid Torch Placer
Name Torch Placer
Type Cart
Mod Included Steve's Carts

Torch Placer

Torch Placer.

The Torch Placer is an upgrade for the Hybrid Cart. It will drive along rails placing torches in dark places like mines or tunnels.


The Torch Placer is a cart that will place torches on walls when it senses the light level is low enough. It requires pre-built rails to travel on. Since it is an upgraded Hybrid Cart, the Torch Placer can store energy from the sun to use as fuel, as well as using coal or other conventional fuels. There are 3 slots for torches to be placed in, and depending how many are filled, it changes the appearance of the cart (see gallery).

Crafting GUI.png

Torch Rack

Hybrid Cart

Torch Placer


Sometimes, upon breaking the Torch Placer when not on a rail block, all the stored torches will be placed on the block directly below the cart. Breaking the torches results in a slightly comical scene: the torches will break and drop seemingly without end. No extra torches appear, though, so there is no duplication.


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