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Exclam-mark 40 A Public Service Announcement
Tomes and XP Books mods are no longer a part of the current stable Technic build.

You can, however, add them manually:

  1. Go to the Forum thread linked at the bottom of this article and download the three files "", "" and "".
  2. Place those files into the "mods" subfolder of your local Technic folder, which you can usually find in "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAMEHERE\AppData\Roaming\.techniclauncher\technicssp" (on Windows Vista and Windows 7 Systems).
  3. Start the game and have it assign new block and/or item IDs in case there are conflicts. That's it!

The Tomes mod from pinkemma adds writeable books and a way to store XP for later usage.


Tomes are books that you can read and write in. You can craft them by placing a book, a feather and an ink sac in a crafting grid. Since tomes have a shapeless crafting recipe, it doesn't matter in which pattern you put the ingredients into the grid. You can even craft them in your four-square inventory crafting grid.



Ink Sac


In order to read or write, just hold the tome in your hand and rightclick. The first line of a book is the title which appears when you hover over the book in your inventory. The text in this book can be navigated just like a normal text document. Contrary to vanilla signs and most other book mods, Tomes supports automatic line break. This means that if you reach the end of a line while writing, you will automatically jump to the next line. You can thus write continuous text without hammering the "Enter" key every other second. You can even copy & paste text from other programs into it, making books very useful to store information inside the game they could also prove useful making adventure maps instead of maps.

XP BooksEdit

These books store experience points. They take away about half of the XP you have when you craft them. You lose some, but that's the price you have to pay to keep it safe from creepers.

It is crafted like so:

Gold Ingot


Gold Ingot

XP Book

Note: Do not hold shift while crafting XP books! This will produce empty books, but you will still lose the xp.

To regain the XP, you have to devour the book. Literally, as in eating. Just hold the right click button as you would with any other food item. This will consume the book.dsdsd

Shelves and LecternsEdit

Note: The following items are not included in Technic SSP build 6.0.7 on Minecraft 1.1. They are only available for non-Technic Minecraft 1.2.3 or higher.

Shelves are used to store books. They are crafted like so:

Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank

Wooden Plank


Right-clicking on them will bring up a GUI in which you can put books in. You can put in tomes, XP books, and normal books, to fill them up.

Note: These don't help with enchanting.

Lecterns are stands to display books. They are crafted like so:


Wooden Plank





They hold tomes and XP books. Left-click on them to place or remove books, or to remove lectern if no book is on it. Right-click to read tomes or see how much xp is in an XP book.


Video SpotlightEdit

Tomes, Book Cases and Lecterns!04:09

Tomes, Book Cases and Lecterns!

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