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Logo-TC 40 Thaumium Ingot contains information about the ThaumCraft 2 mod.
This information may not apply to the later ThaumCraft 3 version.
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Player wearing Thaumium Armor.

A Thaumium Ingot is an iron, brass, bronze or silver ingot enchanted with the power of the Vis crystal. Once researched, an ingot can be used alongside a Vis Storage Tank to create a Thaumium Reinforced Tank, which can hold back even the strongest Taint. Although Created with an iron ingot and vis crystal on a Thaumic Infuser, It can also be found in chests randomly spawned in caves, castles, and pirate ships. The ingots can be used to create Thaumium Armor and Thaumium Tools.



  • Any type of crystal may be used, except for Tainted and Depleted crystals.

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