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Logo-TC 40 Thaumium Armor contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.

Thaumium Armor is a very durable type of armor that is made from Thaumium Ingots. A total of 24 ingots are required to craft a full suit.


All pieces of the Thaumium Armor set are purple in hue, much like the ingots they are made from. The individual armor pieces are crafted like any regular vanilla armor in the crafting table window, according to the crafting recipes listed below.

The Thaumium Armor provides as much protection as a full set of iron armor, however, it is a bit more durable and much better suited for enchanting. Its armor pieces can not only hold the maximum number of enchantments, but they can also get stronger and better enchantments than any other type of armor. So if you want to take full advantage of the Thaumium Armor, you should try to get some good enchantments using a Thaumic Enchanter or an Occultic Enchanter, the last of which enables you to pick and choose the enchantments you like.


It is the armor of choice for the Youtuber Gar1nova, who is the main wiki video provider to the wiki.


Thaumium Helm Thaumium Chestplate

Thaumium Leggings Thaumium Boots

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Technic Tutorials 47 02:48

Technic Tutorials 47. Thaumium Armour & Tools

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