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Logo-TC 40 Thaumic Enchanter contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.
Thaumic Enchanter
Block Thaumic Enchanter
Type Thaumic Machine
Physics No
Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe
Stackable No
Mod Included Thaumcraft

This arcane device works exaclty like a normal Enchantment Table, except that it requires vis instead of character levels.

It needs to be researched from Fragments of Lost Knowledge in the Quaesitum.

Recipe Edit


The Thaumic Enchanter is a ThaumCraft version of the enchanter. Instead of using player levels, it runs purely on vis, taint cannot be used. Brain-in-a-Jar and Bookcases can also be used to increase the level of enchantments, similar to how they increase normal enchanters.

From v2.1.6 it has the ability to enchant tools like the wands, thaumium hoes, tinkering tools and charms.

See also Edit

Enchanting with Vis is fine and well, but how can you trust this rare resource to the fickle whims of fate? Far better to intrust it to a sinister, disembodied brain floating in foul liquid, Besides, it whispers such wonderfull secrets... classified as Forbidden Knowledge

Items imbued with this enchantment will slowly repair themselves over time. The mystical energy required for this enchantment is drawn directly out of the local aura. 621vis for lv1 clasiffied as Lost Knowledge

Weapons imbued with this enchantment have a chance to drain some of the life energy out of struck foes to heal your wounds. The higher the level of the enchant, the higher the chance for the effect to trigger. classified as Forbidden Knowledge

This enchantment has a small chance of causing an artifact to drop when you slay a foe with a weapon bearing it. Higher levels increase both the occurrence and quality of the artifacts found. 174vis for( lv1),621 (lv2), 1223 (lv3)

Weapons with this enchantment cause the attacked creature's spirit to be trapped in the mortal realm. If the creature is slain there is a chance the spirit will remain behind as a Soul Fragment . The chance of this occuring depends on the level of the encantment and the lifeforce of the creature attacked. Soul Fragment have various uses in dark magic. classified as Forbidden Knowledge

This enchantment enhances the effect of certain magical devices like wands, it boosts things like damage, range, area of effect or number of blocks affected. The exact attribute it boosts varies from item to item. 174vis for( lv1),492 (lv2), 905 (lv3), 1394 (lv4), 1948(lv5) clasified as Lost Knowledge

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