Logo-IC2 40 Teleporter contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.
Block Teleporter
Name Teleporter
Type Machine
Tool Grid Wrench (Industrialcraft)
Stackable 64
EMC Value N/A
Mod Included Industrial Craft

A Teleporter is an expensive device that can instantly transport the user to the Teleporter that is paired with it. To link Teleporters, a Frequency Transmitter is used. To activate a Teleporter, supply a redstone pulse. Teleporters take up a lot of power in one tick, so it only works if you place it directly beside a MFS Unit or other large power source. Visit this page for more information on how teleporter power consumption is calculated.

The receiving teleporter does not need to be powered. But the sending teleporter only works if powered.


Crafting GUI.png

Advanced Circuit

Glass Fibre Cable

Advanced Circuit


Advanced Machine Block


Advanced Circuit

Glass Fibre Cable

Advanced Circuit


It takes 1 advanced machine block, 1 diamond, 2 glass fibre cables, 4 advanced circuits, and 1 frequency transmitter to craft the Teleporter block, and two blocks are required to create a functioning teleport system.


  • Teleporters can explode if you exit a world and reload it without quitting Minecraft first.
  • Teleporters can teleport players standing 1 block above the teleporter. This can be useful for setting traps or for completely surrounding a teleporter with MFSUs, but care as it will not put you out one Block above and you may get stuck on the trip back
  • If using a button to active a teleporter, the button may stick "on" if teleporting far away, thereby a return trip may endlessly loop back and forth between the two until one runs out of energy or (in multiplayer) the server may kick you for moving too fast.
  • Solving the loopback issue can be done with World Anchors or Teleport Tethers. Also constructing a separate recieving pad for each leg will totally solve this problem.

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