Block Quarry

The Quarry Block.

Tired of venturing down into those caves, getting ores, and trying not to get owned by the zombies? Simple: Make a Quarry! Quarries are by far one of the most efficient ways to mine in technic. The crafting recipe is a bit expensive, requiring 11 diamonds, 16 gold, 28 iron, 28 cobblestones, and 30 sticks, but the block can be reused as many times as you like.

Powering a quarry is a whole different story. These things require a LOT of power to run. To have the quarry going at max speed,you are going to need 512 redstone engines but becuase that is such an outragious number you will most likey want to use either 10 Steam Engines , 2 Combustion Engines , 2 Regular Electric Engines , or 1 Fast Electric Engine powering it. You can use the same setup as a Refinery to power it. You'll want to place some Pipes connected to some chests, otherwise, everything mined will just pop out the top of it. When you're ready, it should look something like in the picture below.

Flick the lever, and a small block will go around destroying any blocks in the way of the construction tape, then line the tape with something that looks like orange piping. (This cannot be picked up, and destroying it while the quarry is running is not reccomended.) A crane-like object will then lower, and start to mine. If any lava comes in the way of the quarry, it will dig around it. The quarry can be powered if water is covering the quarry, meaning that if it runs over lava, it will turn into stone/cobblestone/obsidian, which the quarry can mine. The quarry will stop mining when it reaches bedrock. When it's done, just pack up the engines, the quarry, and some of the things you mined, and be on your merry way.

WARNING: Running a quarry with water in it on a server has been known to cause EXTREME lag. Use caution.

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2012-09-29 07.58.26

A basic Quarry Setup.

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