Time to MineEdit

Materials needed: pickaxes, preferably iron or greater

You need to go mining. Get lots of coal, iron, tin, and copper. Get some redstone too. Smelt your resources once you get them. Also get some rubber. If you find Nikolite, (its ore resembles Diamond Ore)keep it for later. It has a high EMC value. You will learn about EMC later.

Nikolite Ore

Nikolite Ore. It looks a whole lot like diamond at low light levels.

Building a GeneratorEdit

Materials needed: 8 cobblestone, 4 tin, 8 iron, 2 redstone, 6 rubber, 3 copper
Generator Recipes

Recipes for the Generator. This guide uses the first one.

To make a generator from industrial craft, you need three things: a furnace, a machine block, and a rechargeable battery. Make the furnace. Now to make the machine block. Put your 8 iron ingots in the furnace to create refined iron. Craft the machine block by
2012-02-27 16.27.18

Refined iron

putting the 8 refined iron in a square around the outer edge of the crafting table. Now we need a rechargeable battery. First we need some copper cable, which is made from 6 rubber in the top and bottom rows, and 3 copper in the middle row. This recipe is important, remember it! Then take a copper cable and put it in the top center square of the crafting table. Put two redstone under it. Next to the redsone put four tin. You have one
2012-02-27 16.16.18

Machine Block

rechargeable battery. Put the battery on top, the machine block in the middle, and the furnace on the bottom. This makes a generator.

Note: If you have multiple iron furnaces, use the second recipe to save time and iron, instead.

2012-02-27 16.15.20

Copper Cable

2012-02-27 16.15.40

Rechargeable battery

Building an ExtractorEdit

Materials needed: 4 unused treetaps, a machine block, 2 redstone, 1 refined iron, 6 cable

For this recipe we're going to need a new part: the electronic circuit. This is made with 6 cable, a refined iron,
2012-02-27 16.15.58

Electronic circuit

and two redstone like so:

Use this with the other materials to make an extractor:
2012-02-27 16.16.28


Building a MaceratorEdit

Materials needed: 3 flint, 1 machine block, 2 cobblestone, 1 electronic circuit

Make a macerator like so:
2012-02-27 16.16.11


But how does it work?Edit

Materials needed: fuel, battery, ore, sticky resin or rubber wood

The first thing you need to do is place some coal or other fuel in the bottom slot of the generator, and it will start to charge the battery. Place a somewhat charged battery in the bottom slot of the extractor, and a sticky resin(or rubber wood or rubber sapling) in the top slot. This will produce more rubber than before. Now put the battery in the lower slot of the macerator, and put an ore in the top. This will create two dust of that resource. Smelt each dust to get an ingot.

Technic Tutorial SeriesEdit

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