A Guide for getting the most fun out of Technic But what people do not realise is that anyone can post annonomus editings onto these Wikis and not all the information is correct. Technic is a collection of mods for the game of Minecraft, all rolled up into one "package" and pre-installed so you don't have to deal with the hassels.

A "Technic Build" is one of those "packages"

Okay, so I changed my build... but now it's crashing.Edit

Technic Builds that have ALL the cool new features of the mods you want to play, tend to be what's called "Development Builds". (Dev Builds) You might notice that those different builds tend to crash when you do something simple like sleeping in a bed. To prevent that issue when you first start playing with Technic, the Launcher selects a stable build it calls a "Recommended Build" (Rec Build) instead of the latest Dev Build.

The Rec Build has been tested by many, many people and is considered very stable. It might not have every recipe or the latest version of all the mods in it but the key point is that it's stable and it works. You'll need to choose a build somewhere between the latest and the recommended to do what you want.

How do I know which build has what I want and is the most stable?Edit

The best option is just always use the latest build if you want to tinker around with new stuff.  For actual play, however, stick to the recommended build.  Technic gives no clue about stability besides those 2 labels. 

You could just keep testing them out and try to find a balance you like.  At that point though you might as well just mod your own client with the ones you want and hope for the best.  Few people will be able to help with a custom build

Builds Edit

What is the version that duncan used when he showed you how to install technic launcher in tekkit with duncan part 1?

7.5.1| 1.4.6 | LatestEdit

Newest Dev build - Not meant for normal play

Please consider using this build and reporting bugs on this page of the Technic Forum It'll help them make it into a Stable build so we all can enjoy the new content.

That link is only meant for issues with the mods, Posting bugs about the launcher itself will likely get you banned there.  Just like everywhere else, always read Stickies before you post. 

[ Industrial Craft 2]

[ RedPower 2]

[ BuildCraft 3]

[ Equivalent Exchange ]3

[ ThaumCraft 3]

[ Railcraft]

[ Computer Craft]

[ Balkon's Weapon Mod]

'''Dimensional Doors'''

[ Ender Storage]

[ Nether Ores]

[ Wireless Redstone]

[ Not Enough Items]

[ Power Converters]


[ Thermal Expansion]

[ Mystcraft]

[ Steve's Carts] 2

[ Mo' Creatures]

[ Iron Chests]

'''Modular Powersuits'''

'''Tron mod'''

[ Crafting Table II]l

['s_Minimap Rei's Minimap]

Power Converters

[ Inventory Tweaks]

[ Forestry] 2

[ Applied Energistics]

['s_Minimap Rei's Minimap]

[ Forge API]

[ Better Dungeons]

[ CARuins]




'''update technic pack 1.4.7'''

7.2.6 | 1.2.5 | Rec Build

ReiMiniMap v2.3_04
AdvancedMachines 4.1
Buildcraft 3.1.5
CodeChickenCore 0.5.5
ComputerCraft 1.4
Crystal Wing 1.2.5
CustomMobSpawner 1.5.1
DrZharks MoCreatures Mod v3.7.1
EnderStorage-Client 1.1.3
IC2NuclearControl v.1.1.10b
IndustrialCraft 2 Client 1.97
immibis-core 49.1.1 for 1.2.5
InvTweaks 1.41b-1.2.4
mffs_rev6 for 1.2.5-client
NetherOres_Client 1.2.1
Railcraft Client 5.4.7
Redpower 2.0pr5b2
Steves Carts 1.5.0
TransformersClient v1.3
Treecapitator 1.2.5.e
tubestuff 49.1.1 for 1.2.5

7.0.0 | 1.2.5 First Build of Minecraft 1.2.5

Unable to retrieve.  Build refusing to load for me.

6.1.1 | 1.2.3Edit

Many good reviews - still buggy but playable

RailCraft v4.1.4
Thaumcraft v2.0.2
Industrailcraft 2 v1.81
Redpower v2.0.pr4e
Buildcraft v3.1.4
Equivelent Exchange 2 v1.4.0.3
ComputerCraft v1.31 (or possibly later)
EnderChest v1.0.2
Somnia v21
ReiMinimap v3.0_03
CodeChickenCore v0.4.4
CustomMobSpawner v1.4.1
InvTweaks v1.40b-1.2.3
LogisticsPipes vBC3-0.2.2A
Millenaire v2.4.6
IC2 ChargingBench v1.81-1
xpbook_ssp v 1.2.3
Zeppelin v1.
NotEnoughItems (NEI) v1.2.0
Treecapitator v1.2.3.b
Forestry v1.4.0.3

6.1.0 | 1.2.3Edit

First build of Minecraft version 1.2.3

ReiMinimap v3.0_03
Somnia v21
Buildcraft v3.1.4
Equivelent Exchange v1.4.0.3
EnderChest v1.0.2
Forestry vA-
IndustrailCraft 2 v1.81
InvTweaks v1.40b-1.2.3
LogisticsPipes vBC3-0.2.2A
Millenaire v2.4.4
Xpbook_ssp v1.2.3
Zeppelin v1.
RedPower v2.0pr4e
Treecapitator v1.2.3.b

6.0.7 | 1.1 | Edit

old version.

RailCraft v3.3.1
Thaumcraft v1.2.5
Industrailcraft 2 v1.70b
Redpower v2.0pr4d
Buildcraft v3.1.3
Equivelent Exchange 2 v1.38
CraftingTableII v1.6.2
EnderChest v 1.0.1
Better Dungeons
ComputerCraft v1.3
Forestry v1.3.4.3
IC2 Advanced Machines v3.2-beta-2
LogisticsPipes vBC3-0.2.0B
Millenaire v2.3.1
IC2 ChargingBench v 1.70-1
Zeppelin v1.
NetherOres v1.1.2
ReiMinimap v3.0_01
NotEnoughItems (NEI)

What's next? Edit

You can head on over to some of the main pages and see how to make that thing you saw. (Now that you know you'll be able to do them)

A few odd examples of things to do with the main modsEdit

IndustialCraft (Harness the power of lava, air, sun, water, even uranium to maximize resources and to get that "invincible" suit of armor to slay all the new, strange creatures... or just fly over them.)

Equivalent Exchange (Play with time itself, Fully explore the world without ever having to go home.)

BuildCraft (Make a giant wall that can craft any craftable item in the game, Get that 1 item you need, instantly, when you don't know which of the hundreds of chests it was in, Automate any part of the game you find a pain.)

RedPower (Dance floor lighting, custom music, and building computers that can do homework.)

RailCraft (Vertical rollercoasters, a Rail system that won't jam up, high-speed transports oh and don't forget about blast mining with TNT Minecarts.)

Thaumcraft (Unlock forgoten knowlege and become a powerful mage. Make a magical farm that can defend itself.)

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