Logo railcraft 40 TNT Cart contains information about the Railcraft mod.
Logo-sc 40 TNT Cart contains information about the Steve's Carts mod.
TNT Cart
Grid TNT Cart
Type Cart
Physics Yes
Luminance No
Stackable No
Mod Included Railcraft


Combination of TNT and a Minecart. Railcraft TNT Carts are a (somewhat costly) means of delivering explosives to an intended target while keeping players and property safely away from the ensuing blast. TNT Carts will detonate when jarred sharply (i.e. crashes) or when set on fire. Alternatively, a TNT Cart can be ignited when it passes over a Priming Rail.

Fuse length can be adjusted with a string. Fuse time measured in 1/20ths of a second (one Minecraft Tick) Like actual TNT, TNT Carts default to a fuse of 80 ticks (4 seconds) when ignited by fire or a Redstone signal.

The 1.5 vanilla update has also added TNT carts, which work much like the Railcraft ones, using an activator rail to go off.

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Steve's CartsEdit

The TNT cart added by Steve's carts is more complex than the railcraft mod's tnt cart. this makes it more effective for some projects, but it is more expensive to craft. The TNT cart added by Steve's carts has 3 components when right clicked: the fuse, the fuel, and the explosive capacity. the fuse ranges from 2-150. for example: if the fuse was set to 100, the cart would explode in approximately 6 seconds. the fuel can be lava or coal, the fuel is required to independantely move. the explosive capacity is the top right box. if 1-10 tnt is placed here (not required but recommended) the blast will be larger. if 0 tnt was in the tnt cart, the radius is 1-2 blocks. if 10 tnt is placed in it the radius is 15-20 blocks. DO NOT DETONATE NEAR YOUR HOUSE UNLESS YOU ARE WILLING TO REBUILD IT

  • NOTE: to detonate the cart it must run over a detector rail.
  • NOTE: once the cart is lit there is no way to defuse (breaking the cart will only detonate it)

This is the TNT Cart added by Steve's Carts

2012-08-24 12.22.03

TNT Cart from Steve's Carts

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