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The Sword of the Zephyr is a powerful crafted weapon that can be researched using a Quaesitum. It inflicts less damage than a diamond sword, and it can be enchanted.

2012-05-04 20.23.36


To craft it, you will need a Thaumium Sword, three Vaporous Crystals, and a single piece of Enchanted Wood.

Crafting GUI.png

Vaporous Crystal

Vaporous Crystal

Thaumium Sword

Enchanted Wood

Vaporous Crystal

Sword of the Zephyr


The sword has two effects. When used in combat with a mob it will send damaging bolts of arching lightning to all adjacent enemies within a 1 block radius.
2012-05-04 20.30.08

Lightning bolt travelling between two pigs damaging both

And when right clicked the sword temporarily grants the player "flight". The physics of this flight can be described as a leaping dash in whichever direction the cursor is pointing. The player will take NO fall damage while holding this sword, so right-clicking and flying through the air causes no damage. Since holding it causes no fall damage it is highly useful for jumping down ravines or high buildings. The right mouse button can also be held down to cause it to fling the player forward in rapid succession, causing the player to flit along never losing altitude. Right clicking a mob will pull the mob towards the player, enabling said player to kill mobs with swifter precision.

Like all powerful Thaumic items the special effects of this weapon will cause its durability to degrade quickly.


  • Do not use the sword on a huge group of fish (the only creatures I've tested), as this will cause your game to crash.
  • Unweilding the sword in mid-fall even close to the ground will still cause damage if you fell from a high place.

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