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Logo railcraft 40 Switch Track contains information about the Railcraft mod.
Switch Track
Grid Switch Rail
Physics No
Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe Grid Crowbar
Stackable Yes
Mod Included Railcraft

Switch Tracks are specially-designed tracks that are made to travel in one direction from one side, and travel in one of two directions from the other. When activated by either a Switch Lever or a Switch Motor, the track changes its direction from a straight line to a right-angle turn, or vice-versa.

Trains or Carts approaching from either of the two opposite directions treat the Switch Track as a normal turn or straight track, as the Switching mechanism only affects travel in one direction.

Switch Tracks cannot be operated by a Redstone signal directly, and must be connected to a Switch Motor in order to be operated remotely via Redstone.

Switch Tracks come in Wooden, Standard, High-Speed, and Reinforced varieties, based on the Ties and Rails used to make them.

Note: Turning on a high-speed switch track will not prevent an explosion if traveling at high speeds.


Video TutorialEdit

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Technic Tutorials 39. Wooden Switch Track

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Technic Tutorials 74. Switch Track

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