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Redpower-logo1 Support Frame contains information about the RedPower mod.
Support Frame
Block Support Frame
Type Block
Tool Grid Screwdriver
Stackable Yes (64)
Mod Included RedPower



Frames allow unique movement patterns for Minecraft blocks. When moved by a Frame Motor, all connected Frames will move as a unit and drag almost every block touching a frame.But it wil drag a specific amount of frames. If a non-frame block connected to a frame is blocked from moving by another block, the entire assembly will not move. Frames can be given different looks by putting microblocks inside the frame. Covers will act as an insulation and prevent that particular side of a frame from dragging blocks when moved. Cover textures hide the crossbars on the covered side, but not the block borders.

Video TutorialsEdit

Tutorial Redpower omnidirectional frame control 08:14

Tutorial Redpower omnidirectional frame control

Tutorial Redpower frames and engines 22:47

Tutorial Redpower frames and engines

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