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Super-fuel Is a secret type of fuel in industrial craft that is much more potent then the normal fuel in its EU value and serves various other uses. Please be aware that reading this page may be interpreted as spoiling the fun of finding the recipe yourself, so proceed at your own risk.

This secret type of fuel has an EU value of 144,000 EU and since normal fuel has an EU vaue of 48,000 EU this is a huge gain and is very advisable for large scale projects and resource-heavy machines. (It is unclear if Fuel can be converted to EU directly, proof needed.)

For more recent information, please go here

The recipe for Super-Fuel is as follows:

Crafting GUI.png


Glowstone Dust

Fuel Can(Empty)



Super Fuel Can(Empty)

Superfuel has various other purposes and uses , it can be used to create single-use batteries like normal fuel but this is inadvisable. It can also be used to fuel jetpacks or to feed furnaces.

Super-fuel To Single-Use Batteries:

Crafting GUI.png

Copper Cable

Super Fuel Can(Empty)

Super Fuel Can(Empty)

Single-Use Battery


Same recipe as fuel but uses super-fuel instead. Highly unadvised as you would lose 278,000 EU as it uses two super-fuels and the batteries sum is worth 10,000 EU so 288,000-10,000=278000 EU lost.

Cans are returned.

Super-Fuel to Recharge Jetpack:

Crafting GUI.png

Super Fuel Can(Empty)

Jetpack (Empty)

Jetpack (Fueled)

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