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Waterproof pipes are used to transport liquids such as water, lava, oil and fuel from and to different locations. These pipes allow liquids to be transported into engines, tanks and oil refineries. When a waterproof pipe is not connected to anything, the pipe will fill itself up instead of pouring the contents on the floor.

Pipe WaterproofEdit

Pipe Waterproof is crafted by placing cactus green on a crafting bench.

Cactus Green

Pipe Waterproof

All pipes except for obsidian pipe and diamond pipe can be turned into a waterproof pipe. A waterproof pipe is created by placing pipe waterproof on top of a wooden pipe, cobblestone pipe, stone pipe, iron pipe or gold pipe. Waterproof pipes will only connect to other waterproof pipes. Waterproof pipes will not connect to regular transport pipes or conductive pipes.

Basic Waterproof PipesEdit

Wooden Waterproof PipeEdit

Wooden Waterproof Pipes allow liquids to be pulled out of a tank or oil refinery. This is done by placing an engine next to the wooden waterproof pipe.

Pipe Waterproof

Wooden Transport Pipe

Wooden Waterproof Pipe

Stone Waterproof Pipe and Cobblestone Waterproof PipeEdit

Stone and cobblestone waterproof pipes are the basic liquid transport pipes. Stone and cobblestone waterproof pipes will not connect to each other. This fact can be used to make tight and compact pipes that are travelling to the same area and can be used when in compact spaces.

Stone Waterproof Pipe Cobblestone Waterproof Pipe

Pipe Waterproof

Stone Transport Pipe

Stone Waterproof Pipe

Pipe Waterproof

Cobblestone Transport Pipe

Cobblestone Waterproof Pipe

Iron Waterproof PipeEdit

The iron waterproof pipe has up to five inputs and one output.

It will send all incoming liquids in one direction. The direction can be changed by right-clicking the pipe with a wrench. The output direction can also be changed by redstone current. Every time it either loses or gains redstone power, it will cycle to a different output. However, it will never output to a wooden waterproof pipe. This combination of properties allows for players to accurately control its output direction from afar, via redstone wiring; in addition, this can be used to distribute liquids among multiple pipes by using a redstone clock. Players who have not mined enough redstone can simply use a Wrench.

Pipe Waterproof

Iron Transport Pipe

Iron Waterproof Pipe

Golden Waterproof PipeEdit

The Golden Waterproof Pipe can transport water, lava, oil and fuel. It can be used to move fluids between machines and tanks. Fluids cannot move into a pipe that is not waterproof. Note that unlike Golden Transport Pipes, Golden Waterproof Pipes will not speed up the liquid. Instead, they will carry more liquid than Cobblestone and Stone waterproof pipes.

Pipe Waterproof

Golden Transport Pipe

Golden Waterproof Pipe

Additional Waterproof PipesEdit

Waterproof Teleport PipeEdit

This pipe is used for teleporting liquids. It is very convenient for collecting large amounts of oil without having to build long, expensive pipelines. All you have to do is set up a functioning pump, connect the pipe from the pump to the teleport pipe and connect the receiver pipe to one or several tanks. Once the oil well is dry, you can dismantle the setup and built it again elsewhere.

Pipe Waterproof

Item Teleport Pipe

Waterproof Teleport Pipe

Valve PipeEdit

The Valve Pipe works like a wooden pipe, but with an integrated redstone engine. You can also add a lever directly on top. Its only limitation is that it only allows straight connections. This means that you can connect pipes only to one of its two endings, not to the sides. It also allows to push out liquid directly (do not try this with fuel, though).

Wooden Waterproof Pipe


Wooden Waterproof Pipe

Valve Pipe

Waterproof Redstone PipeEdit

Provides the same functionality as the Redstone Transport Pipe for pipes that are carrying liquids.

Pipe Waterproof

Redstone Transport Pipe

Waterproof Redstone Pipe


Golden Iron Waterproof PipeEdit

It acts like an iron pipe, but has golden pipe speed, so you don't reduce the golden pipe water pressure.

Golden Waterproof Pipe

Iron Waterproof Pipe

Golden Iron Waterproof Pipe

Video TutorialEdit

Technic Tutorials 4403:44

Technic Tutorials 44. Waterproof Pipes

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