Logo-myc 40 Star Fissure contains information about the Mystcraft mod.
A Star Fissure is a rift in time and space inside an age, which tears a hole from the surface of the world through
bedrock. At the bottom of this rift is a starry expanse, and anything that passes through will end up on the surface of the Overworld.

Star Fissures are the only non-cheating option for trapped players to return to the Overworld, though they are quite rare. Players can also return to the Overworld by launching a spaceship and select Overworld once in space. Only ages that have the Star Fissure symbol will contain them, and it will show up near the age's spawn. Using Rei's Minimap, fissures appear as transparent holes on the map, making locating a fissure very easy. However, since players often cannot see the stars at the bottom of a fissure from the surface, Star Fissures can be difficult to identify and find in Skylands ages.

A Star Fissure will usually return the player to within a few hundred blocks of the Overworld spawn point. After falling through a Star Fissure, the player drops from the top of the world, often dying from the fall unless falling into water, capable of flying, or protected from fall damage. This death should return the player to the Overworld spawn point. However, if the game is set to peaceful mode, the Star Fissure will return the player to the Overworld spawn point without dropping the player from the top of the world.

If the player is in an age that has no Star Fissure, one decent tactic is to find sugar canes, wood, and feathers somewhere in the new age to make another descriptive book, in hopes of moving to an age that does have a Star Fissure. When doing this, it is generally a good idea to stock up on supplies before moving as some ages do not have these materials readily available. Trapped players can also return to the Overworld by using NotEnoughItems to place a Nether portal, go through, and then go back through.

Getting Rid of a Star Fissure in the OverworldEdit

If the player accidentally places a star fissure in the Overworld using NotEnoughItems, it may cause some future errors or crashes. In order to fix this problem, the player can pour lava on top of the fissure, which will delete it permanently from the Overworld.

Star fissure

An image of the Star Fissure from a small ledge inside.

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