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Logo railcraft 40 Rails (Part) contains information about the Railcraft mod.
Rails (Part)
Grid Standard Rail Grid Advanced Rail Grid High-Speed Rail Grid Reinforced Rail
Standard, advanced, high-speed, and reinforced rails.
Type Material
Stackable Yes
Mod Included Railcraft

Rails are crafting items used in almost all track recipes. There are three types: Standard, Gold-Plated, and Laminate. Gold-plated rails are used for Redstone related tracks, Laminate rails for high-speed tracks, and standard for everything else.

Standard RailsEdit

Standard Rails are made of Bronze, Iron, or Steel, and are combined with Wooden Railbeds to make Rails. They serve no special purpose; carts and trains travelling on standard rails move at the same speed as they did in vanilla Minecraft.

Additionally, a player can use the Crafting Table to recycle minecraft tracks into Railcraft Standard Rails:

Advanced RailsEdit

Advanced Rails are a component in tracks that are either a component in, or else operated by, Redstone circuits. They're made by 'doping' Standard rails in a coating of gold ingots. They are used in the more advanced control rails. They are crafted on a crafting table rather than in a rolling machine.

High-Speed RailsEdit

H.S. Rails are tempered, high-strength steel rails, hardened to resist the forces of high-speed rail travel. Carts traveling on High-Speed Rails can move up to 2.5 times faster, but the additional speed is risky, and can lead to fatal accidents.

High-Speed Rails can only be made from Steel, and have to be combined with a Stone Railbed to form High-Speed Rails.

Reinforced RailsEdit

Reinforced Rails are a stronger version of regular rails. They are nearly indestructible and give a 25% max speed increase. They are used to make Reinforced Tracks.

Automation with Logistic PipesEdit

In version 6.0.7, crafting logistic pipes are not able to retrieve items from the Rolling Machine. As a workaround, the following setup is possible:

  1. a Satellite Logistics Pipe connected to the rolling machine
  2. 2012-04-09 22.19.53

    a row of automated rolling machines

    a Wooden Transport Pipe powered by a Redstone Engine pulling the items out of the rolling machine into a chest.
  3. a Crafting Logistics Pipe linked to the Satellite Logistics Pipe connected to the chest. The recipe must be set up in a way that the ingredients are pushed into the rolling machine via the satellite pipe. The wooden pipe extracts the crafted result and puts it into the chest. The logistics pipe fetches it from there.


  • Patch: Recipes change significantly with version 5.0.0 (not the one in the current build of the Technic Pack). Additionally, Gold-Plated and Laminate Rails are renamed to Advanced and H.S. Rails.

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