Logo-TC 40 Stabilized Singularity contains information about the ThaumCraft 2 mod.
This information may not apply to the later ThaumCraft 3 version.

The Stabilized Singularity is a thaumic enhancement used to increase the functionality of thaumic devices.

The Stabilized Sinuglarity is classified as Lost Knowledge .

Infusion RecipeEdit

The Stabilized Singularity is created by infusing an Arcane Singularity with a smooth stone slab and an Earthen Crystal.


When applied to a thaumic device, the Stabilized Singularity improves its efficiency causing the device to consume less Vis for its given task. If applied to a Vis Condenser, the crystals used in the device last longer before they turn into Depleted Crystals.

To apply any upgrade on a thaumic device, simply equip it and perform a Right Click on the device you want to upgrade.

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