Redpower-logo1 Sorting Machine contains information about the RedPower mod.
Sorting Machine
Block Sorting Machine
Type Machine
Tool Grid Screwdriver
Stackable Yes
Mod Included RedPower


Sorting Machine is an advanced machine for sorting large amounts of items in relatively complex builds. When right clicked on, it opens a GUI with 40 block spaces and allows you to select a colour for each column separately. When you insert an item to a column, it will store said item until you get it out yourself or you break the Sorting Machine. When an item passes through the machine via connected Pneumatic Tube and it has a duplicate stored in the machine, it will tag that item with a colour, specified on the bottom of the column. Items tagged with specific colours will not go down the tubes that are painted with a different colour. A mode option allows for different management options, particularly for what to do with items not explicitly sorted. By default, the sorting machine will just sort items that are passing through it via a Pneumatic tube, but when you activate it with a redstone pulse, it also draws items from connected inventories, like Chest or Buffer. A Timer or a Sequencer is recommended to continue pulling items out. When a constant redstone signal is applied, the Sorting Machine stops, like any other RedPower machinery. The machine itself requires Blutricity to function. It uses the same amount of power per item regardless of whether the item is in a stack and regardless of whether it is being fed items from a tube or is taking them from a chest (≈0.0027V or ≈0.17V for a stack of 64).

NOTE: Because this machine only connects to pneumatic tubes, any item it will output into the tube network will always go towards the closest block with an inventory space, therefore, it is recommended that the far ends of tube network are limited with Restriction Tube, so items tagged with specific colours will go for painted tubes first.

Mode OptionsEdit

Sorting Machine has 5 different mode options that can be cycled through in an order, described below.

AnystackSequential Anystack Sequential: The slider moves from column to column and waits until it receives any single item in that column before moving to the next.

AllstackSequentialSmall Allstack Sequential: The slider moves from column to column and waits until it receives all the items in that column before moving to the next.

RandomAllstackSmall Random Allstack: Sorting Machine outputs items when any column receives all the items in that column.

AnyitemSmall Any Item: Will pull any of the items starting with those in the top left of the connected inventory.

AnyitemDefaultSmall Any Item With Default Route: Same as the previous mode, except a default colour can be set for unmatched items below the mode settings.



Sorting Machine GUI Default screen

The two columns on the top left are the indicators of the machine's power and stored charge status. On the bottom left you can select the mode, and on the right from that you can select the colours for each column. You can even choose same colour for multiple columns or none. You can also go backwards in colour selection if you click with right mouse button on the colour box. Fill each column with the items that should be sorted into associated tube colour in the tube network. If there isn't any Pneumatic Tube painted with the colour appointed in the Sorting Machine, the item will go through the unpainted one.


You can see that a machine has jammed when it has a visible red light on its side. A sorting machine jams when it has no destination to send items to. Usually, it means that connected output inventories and machines are full. Sorting machine will continue sending jammed items out when the situation resolves. Another reason for jamming may be incorrectly painted tubes, so items can't pass through any of them. Also don't forget to check if the machine itself is powered by Bluetricity. Jamming can also occur when your redstone pulse is set to too high frequency in which case, it will not output any items. Try lowering the frequency of the connected timer.



Crafting GUI.png

Iron Ingot

Red-Doped Wafer

Iron Ingot

Iron Ingot


Blue Alloy Ingot

Iron Ingot

Red-Doped Wafer

Iron Ingot

Sorting Machine

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