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Redpower-logo1 Sonic Screwdriver contains information about the RedPower mod.


Used as an indestructible screwdriver

Right-clicking a m

A real sonic screwdriver

achine block with the screwdriver will rotate the block without the need to replace it. The block cycles through all 6 possible orientations, beginning at the start on further clicks. This will work on RedPower2 logic gates and machines as well as vanilla pistons, repeaters and dispensers.

To charge select a charged BT battery and right click with the screwdriver in your inventory. If this does not work, put your charged battery in your hot bar, close your inventory, then with the battery in your hand, hit right click several times to charge the screwdriver. It might be necessary to also have the sonic screwdriver in your hot bar as well. 


  • The Sonic Screwdriver in RedPower was based on the Sonic Screwdriver from the British Sci-Fi TV Show, Doctor Who. Doctor Who uses a Sonic Screwdriver to achieve many different tasks.

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