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Redpower-logo1 Solar Panel (RedPower) contains information about the RedPower mod.
Solar Panel (RedPower)
Block Solar Panel (RedPower)
Type Machine
Tool Grid Screwdriver
Stackable Yes
Mod Included RedPower

If you are looking for the Industrial Craft solar panel, check this page.

The solar panel from the RedPower mod is a packaged, connected assembly of solar cells that can generate and supply energy for Blutricity machines.


RedPower solar panels create bluetricity for use in RedPower machines. There are currently only two methods of obtaining bluetricity: the Thermopile and the RedPower Solar Panel. Solar panels generate bluetricity through exposure to sunlight, and only sunlight. They will not work underground or if there are any obstacles between the panels and the sky.


An installation with several Solar Panels and Battery Boxes.

Each solar panel generates 2 amps of blutricity; an array of two to eight panels should be enough for most applications. Of course, if you want to scale your installations, you will need to increase the number of solar panels accordingly. Once you have placed the panels, connect them to a Battery Box with a Blue Alloy Wire. This will feed all of the energy generated by the panels directly into the battery box. The panels can transfer energy between each other, so you will not need to connect all of the panels to the wire.


Solar Panels are crafted by aligning eight Blue-Doped Wafers around one Blue Alloy Ingot. This puts the total cost at 36 Nikolite, 8 coal, 8 sand and 1 Silver Ingot for one single panel, not including fuel and resources necessary for the construction of an Alloy Furnace and a diamond Handsaw, both of which are needed in the crafting process. Considering the fact that you will need several panels if you want to run your installation continuously, you should prepare several stacks of Nikolite as well as coal, sand and silver.

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