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MC snake

Spotted Snake

Types Edit

Added in Mo' Creatures version 3.5, there are eight different kinds of snakes. Some snakes avoid the player and some are aggressive. Coral snakes, Cobras and Rattlesnakes are venomous. Pythons are aggressive. Snakes spawned depend on the biome.

  • Rattlesnakes spawn in Desert biomes
  • Cobras spawn in Jungles
  • Green snakes spawn in Plains
  • Orange snakes spawn in Plains
  • Coral snakes spawn in Plains
  • Dark snakes spawn anywhere however, they are very rare
  • Spotted snakes spawn in deserts

Coloration and Size Edit

  • Pythons are the largest and have dark skin/scales
  • Cobras are large dark green snakes
  • Green snakes are medium sized and bright green
  • Orange snakes are medium sized and bright orange
  • Coral snakes are small and and have bands of yellow, red and black
  • Dark snakes are small and are dark green
  • Spotted snakes are small and grey, with yellow spots
  • Rattlesnakes are the smallest snakes with dull yellow scales and tiny black dots

Behavior Edit

In general snakes mind their own business, but if the player gets close they will alert and hiss. During that time the player can run away. If you stay close, they will attack. When they become hostile, they raise their heads and open their mouths whilst moving towards you.

Items Edit

Snake eggs can be dropped by killed snakes. The dropped egg will list the type of snake inside. The egg can be cooked in a furnace to make an omelet, but when the egg is placed near a torch it will hatch. The baby snake will be tame and can be picked up. Tamed snakes will not attack the player.

Trivia Edit

  • Snakes will spawn on peaceful; however, they will not be aggressive towards the player
  • Snakes can climb walls, similar to the spider, scorpion, and rat.
  • Snakes that you hatched will follow you when you have a bird on your head or a mouse in your hands.

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