Logo-TC 40 Shovel of Renewal contains information about the ThaumCraft mod.

The enchanted shovel is capable of removing large sections of earth and sand. Holding shift suppresses this power. It is also extremely effective at removing tainted ground. If right-clicked it will encourage plants to grow.

Is classified as Lost Knowledge , can be found inside of chest in dungeons and abandoned mineshafts

Recipe Edit

Crafting GUI.png

Earthen Crystal

Earthen Crystal

Thaumium Shovel

Enchanted Wood

Earthen Crystal

Shovel of Renewal

Usage Edit

Right-click usage is equal to Bone meal. Durability is degraded on right-click only if pointed at a valid target for bonemeal.

Left-click removes the blocks that have the same type of the block mined in a 3 x 3 hoizontal space. This only works on blocks that are naturally collected with a shovel like sand, clay, gravel and dirt. Dirt and Grass Blocks are treated as different blocks.

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