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Logo-IC2 40 Secrets contains information about the Industrial Craft mod.


There are several secrets In Industrial Craft 2 which can only be found by trial and error whilst using it. Thus be advised that this page and any pages it may link to may contain spoilers as to how to obtain said items. This page does not however include any recipes about industrial craft items, these are explained on each items subsequent page but vanilla items that can be created with industrial craft recipes are listed

These recipes can be used in combination with buildcraft's Automatic Crafting Table to do all sorts of wonderful and automated things.

Most well known of the secrets is the Nuke , the second most destructive object in the technic pack. A type of super-fuel which is many times more powerful than the default fuel with a much higher EU value also exists. There is also a form of 'clumpy fuel' which is the same as normal fuel but uses one less coal chunk and replaces it with a renewable compressed plant clump.

Industrial Craft 2 also offers ways to get items which are quite tedious to get in vanilla minecraft including clay and buckets.

It allows you to make Tin buckets and clay using a certain recipe which is more economical than using iron for buckets and clay is a quite difficult to aquire object. There is also a industrial craft recipe to create gunpowder using coal dust and redstone which provides a viable alternative to killing creepers.

You are also able to create rails using Bronze and sticks which is more economical than Iron. It yields 4 rails for every 6 Bronze and one stick.

Industrial Diamonds are a viable replacement to the incredibly hard to acquire diamonds, they can be created using a complex procedure and is too deep to explain on this page alone. They function exactly like normal diamonds and can be used to create armor.

Iron is a very commonly used resource in Industrial Craft, by using Copper and Tin Dust you can turn it into a iron dust heap which in turn may be turned into iron. Another plausible way to acquire this necessary resource.

Finally, the handy super-fuel can be used to create a single-use battery which as it's name implies is able to be used once and then get destroyed. There is also a secret Terraformer TFBP called the Miner TFBP , having a smaller radius than the similarly named machine, it destroys all blocks from the Terraformer it is placed in to bedrock except ores and the Terraformer itself.

Summary of Secrets:



3.Industrial Diamond

4.Iron dust heap

5.Miner TFBP

Recipes for Vanilla-related Industrial Craft secrets (may contian spoilers):

Tin bucket x1:

Clay Block, break to get clay:

Gunpowder x1, alternate way to get gunpowder:

Rails x4, bronze rails:

Alternate Gold Cable(x12):

Other recipes can be found on each secret's page.

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