TE box Sawmill contains information about the Thermal Expansion mod.

Sawmill GUI

The Sawmill is a machine available in Thermal Expansion that increases wood production by 50%. Wooden objects such as crafting tables, trapdoor and bookshelves can also be processed allowing the user to get back materials. A byproduct of some items is Sawdust.

There is one input (blue), one primary output (yellow) and one secondary output (red). If you use a Crescent Hammer to direct both primary and secondary outputs to the same destination, then both will be orange. You can change the inputs and outputs in the Configuration tab. Maximum power is 6 MJ/t and total energy storage is 19200 MJ (12 coal).

Input Primary Output Secondary Output
Wood Wooden Planks x6 Sawdust
Rubber Wood (RedPower) Wooden Planks x3
Note Block Wooden Planks x8 Redstone
Jukebox Wooden Planks x8 Diamond
Bed Wooden Planks x3 Wool x3
Bookshelf Wooden Planks x6 Book x3
Chest Wooden Planks x8
Crafting Table Wooden Planks x4
Wooden Pressure Plate Wooden Planks x2
Trapdoor Wooden Planks x3
Fence Gate Wooden Planks x2
Wood Sword Wooden Planks x2 Sawdust
Wood Shovel Wooden Planks x1 Sawdust x2
Wood Pickaxe Wooden Planks x3 Sawdust x2
Wood Axe Wooden Planks x3 Sawdust x2
Wood Hoe Wooden Planks x2 Sawdust x2
Sign Wooden Planks x6 Sawdust
Wooden Door Wooden Planks x6
Boat Wooden Planks x5

Crafting Recipe & TutorialEdit

Crafting GUI.png

Wooden Plank


Iron Axe

Machine Chassis

Redstone Power Coil

Wooden Plank



Sawmill (Thermal Expansion) - Minecraft Mod Tutorial04:59

Sawmill (Thermal Expansion) - Minecraft Mod Tutorial

Sawmill Tutorial Thermal Expansion03:13

Sawmill Tutorial Thermal Expansion

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