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A variety of seals.

Arcane Seals are special magical symbols that can be placed on most surfaces. Once placed, you can attach up to three Runic Essences to the seal in order to have it perform certain magical effects.


Once placed, the seal performs some kind of magical effect in the area it is facing. The exact area it affects varies from seal combination to seal combination, but is usually an equal sided cube placed in the direction the seal is facing.

The seal cannot perform magical effects all by itself. This is done by placing Runic Essences in them. See Seal Combinations for a complete list of all possible combinations.

It should be noted that while seals seem truly wondrous, they are not without a cost. When seals are operating, they cause a disturbance in the local Aura which can promote the creation of Taint. Using too many seals in a limited area can have disastrous consequences. Some seals are inherently more likely to cause Taint - the portal seals being a good example of this. Each time the portal is traversed, it tears a rift in the local aura which causes large amounts of taint to be released. You would be well advised to use portals only when absolutely necessary.

Crafting / InfusionEdit

Arcane Seals are created by infusing a gold ingot with Redstone Dust:

Runic EssencesEdit

There are six types of Runic Essences: Magic, Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Dark. Each Essence corresponds to the type of crystal used when it was infused. Up to three Runic Essences can be placed on a seal and the combination of essences used determines what the seal can do. See Seal Combinations for a complete list of all possible combinations.

Once placed on an Arcane Seal, runic essences can only be recovered using a Wand of Reversal. Much like Thaumatic devices with upgrades, breaking the seal will destroy any and all essences on it and will only return the seal.

Runic Essences are created by infusing a Gold Nugget with Nitor and a Vis Crystal. Each infusion yields a total of two Runic Essences.

As a guideline of what Essences represent, see below:

Grid Runic Essence Magic Runic Essence: Magic
This essence deals with life and the manipulation of magical energy.
Grid Runic Essence Air Runic Essence: Air
This essence deals with movement and the wind. If used as a secondary or tertiary essence, it usually speeds up the effect.
Grid Runic Essence Water Runic Essence: Water
This essence deals with improvement, water and order.
Grid Runic Essence Earth Runic Essence: Earth
This essence deals with growing things, earth and strength.
Grid Runic Essence Fire Runic Essence: Fire
This essence deals with destruction, flames and energy.
Grid Runic Essence Dark Runic Essence: Dark
The mirror of Runic Essence: Magic. This essence deals with death, destruction and perversion of magical energy and negativity.

Crystal BallEdit

The Crystal Ball allows you to see what a seal combination does when you use it on the seal. See Crystal Ball for the crafting recipe and more detailed information.

See alsoEdit

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