Logo moc 40 Rope contains information about the Mo' Creatures mod.

Rope is an item that can be used as part of the Mo' Creatures mod. Rope is used as a more convienent method than Wheat to transport animals from one pen to another in vanilla minecraft, as well as a faster way to transport Mo' Creatures animals while avoiding obstacles.


  • When right-clicking on an animal, it will "tie" the animal to the player, forcing it to go towards the player.
  • When right-clicking on an animal a second time, it will untie the animal.

The use of rope is preferable to wheat as the mob will lose interest in the player if s/he looks away or gets too far away. With rope, the animal is 'tied' to the player regardless of where they are or what they are doing. 


Crafting GUI.png







Ropes become obsolete in 1.6.4 you use leads instead.Edit

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