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From the start, not all Thaumcraft items are available to craft and infuse.

Research is done in the Quaesitum, it involves the destruction of items and artifacts to obtain Fragments of Knowledge, that can be used to formulate theories that can become new blocks or items.

Oddly enough, if you are near discovering all of the theories in a field, researching a fragment of any kind may instead yeild fragments of another kind (e.g. researching a Lost and getting an Eldritch(.

Fields of Research Edit

Lost KnowledgeEdit

"The knowledge gained through studying lost knowledge is fairly everyday and mundane - as far as things can be mundane in Thaumcraft. You can expect to gain improved versions of existing tools, new uses for common items or other simple but useful items." [1]

Lost Knowledge can be researched from mundane objects found in chests, such as rusty swords, pots, and goblets.

Lost Knowledge is very important. It makes useful tools such as Crystalline Bells, Goggles of Revealing, and Arcane Focus.

Forbidden KnowledgeEdit

"When you delve into forbidden knowledge you can expect to discover dark and slightly suspect knowledge. Things that are best not known, but are oh so tempting. Necromantic arts, dark sorceries and evil version of existing items are all possibilities in this avenue of research."[1]

Forbidden knowledge can be researched mostly from artifacts. Common items can give you both Fragments of Lost and Forbidden knowledge, but the latter are less likely to be obtained. Researching Netherrack will give a high yield of Fragments of Forbidden knowledge.

Forbidden knowledge gives you access to the Dark Infuser, which permits you to get much better items than the normal infuser, and the Occultic Enchanter, with which allows you to select enchantments for your gear.

Tainted KnowledgeEdit

"By studying the Taint you may discover ways to fight it more effectively... or even use it to your advantage."[1]

Tainted Knowledge is research from tainted items and blocks, is not very usefull unless you need to fight back a tainted zone.

Useful to research: Thaumium Reinforced Tank - it can store tainted vis without danger of exploding. Concentrated Evil - permits absorption of ambient taint. Totem of Dawn - increases the aura.

Eldritch KnowledgeEdit

"Who were the builders of the monoliths? What ancient secrets do they hold? Well, don't just stand there - go to your Q-block and find out! Of course, such knowledge might not have been meant for a mortal mind..."[1]

Eldritch Knowledge is researched from items found inside one of the Eldritch Monoliths. Almost all technologies gained from this type of research are directly related to the monolith.

Research of the Eldritch Keystone: Tlhutlh allows you to open secondary rooms in a monolith. Void Crusher and Void Cutter are two-in-one tools that are better suited to fight taint and are prerequisites for elementals weapons. Void Interface can be used to access all void chest that have a void interface attached.

It is possible for Eldritch Knowledge to be found with slimeballs, incase monoliths are hard to find.(Confirmed 3:54 PM -8:00 GMT 11/24/2012.)

Research PhasesEdit

Phase TwoEdit

Knowledge fragments are used in phase two to attempt to form a theory. Successfully developing a theory will let you gain access to a new possible discovery.

Note: There is a rare chance while researching an item that you could receive a theory without even researching a fragment.

Phase ThreeEdit

When a theory is placed in the primary input of the Quaesitum, a bar appears to the left denoting four stages. Each time a research cycle successfully completes, the bar progresses one stage. The red bar shows the chance of failing a research cycle and going back a stage. There is a small chance of increasing the difficulty or losing the theory altogether if a research cycle fails at the lowest stage.


  • Automatic Cobblestone Generator + Quaesitum => slow research

You have a 1% chance of getting a Fragment of Lost Knowledge from cobblestone, but when you have obtained all items from Lost knowledge you get random fragments that can be used to research all other categories. Remember fill all 3 spaces with cobblestone to increases your chances to 3%

This is faster than using a cobblestone generator, but requires that you have the enchantment and at least a Thaumic Enchanter (Has been confirmed if you can get the relic hunter enchantment from the normal enchanter, pic included

relic hunter enchant via normal enchant table


Remember that all droped items from mobs give you vis if you drop it in a crucible.

If you found a mob spawner near your base, use a crucible and extract vis from enemies, or use a chunk loader seal and a damaging seal to kill enemies, then collect all items with a suction seal and put them in a chest with void interface. You can make a closed mob farm below you base and enjoy an endless source of vis, taint and artifacts from it.

Remember: Endermen dont teleport if hit by the crucible.

Danger: Each hit from the crucible has a 1% chance of raising taint levels. Thaumic Slimes feed from the % of change of taint and vis. Agressive Thaumic slimes of size 4 make an explosion each time they jump.


After you have discovered everything there is to discover, artifacts and the Quaesitum itself are utterly useless and end up either filling your chests, being thrown away, or being fed into the Recycler.

However, this doesn't happen until after you have discovered everything, and the game does not recognize a discovery has been made until you have learned it by holding the discovery and right-clicking (the easiest way to check if a discovery has been learned is to reference the Thaumonomicon). So if you are willing to play without the use of some Thaumcraft discoveries, it is possible to continue to make use of research indefinately. For instance, there are many ways to increase taint in an area, so one might do without the Totem of Dusk.

If this is practiced, each researched theory will be only for the discoveries you have not learned, allowing you to turn these theories into discoveries and then burning them in the crucible for 50 vis/taint each (i.e.: this is the only way to turn research items into vis later in the game, at the cost of paper of course). Note however that because there are 4 fields of research you will need to either do without one discovery per field, or continue to research fragments until you get the fragments corresponding to the field of research you've neglected (much less efficient than neglecting one discovery per field, but it may be difficult to choose 4 discoveries to do without).

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