Logo-BC 40 Remote Orderer contains information about the BuildCraft mod.

The Remote Orderer allows you to order any item in an inventory connected to a Logistics Pipe when you perform a Right Click on one of the Logistics Pipes in that network. It has thus the same functionality as a Wrench when clicking on a Request Logistics Pipe.


Crafting GUI.png



Diamond Gear



Diamond Gear

Remote Orderer


Upon performing a Right Click on any type of Logistics Pipe with the Remote Orderer, the GUI below pops up:


The GUI will show all items that can be ordered from connected chests (or other inventories). Note that you can only order items from chests that are connected to a Provider Logistics Pipe, or Automatic Crafting Tables that have a set recipe and are connected to a Crafting Logistics Pipe.

The arrow buttons < and > on the top right allow you to scroll to the next page if the number of items that can be ordered is too large to fit on one screen page. If you click on an item, its name will be shown at the bottom of the GUI, and you can specify the number of items you want to order with the minus - -- and the plus buttons + ++ below.

If you click the button that says Both, you can specify whether you only want to show items from connected inventories or items that can be ordered to be made in Automatic Crafting Tables connected to Crafting Logistics Pipes. The Refresh button updates the item amounts, which comes in handy if you are waiting for a processing job to finish before ordering.

Finally, the Request button submits your order. Once you press it, the specified number of items will be pulled from connected inventories, or manufactured if not available, and redirected to the Logistics Pipe you have performed a Right Click on.

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