Logo-EE 40 Red Matter Furnace is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
Red Matter Furnace
Block Red Matter Furnace
Type Furnace
Physics Yes
Tool Grid Wooden Pickaxe
Stackable Yes
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

The Red Matter Furnace, referred to as the "RM Furnace" in-game, is an upgraded version of the Dark Matter Furnace. It smelts items 60 times faster than a normal furnace, will double the output of anything put into it (except for IC dusts), and has multiple input and output slots for mass smelting. RM Furnaces will also draw ores from chests beside them, smelt the ores, and deposit full stacks of smelted items in a chest automatically (works with single wooden chest and alchemical chest only). When smelting, it has a particle affect similar to an enderman or nether portal.It can be fueled just like a Dark Matter Furnace (it can use any of the fuels that Dark Matter Furnaces can and can by powered by Collectors). Many people like to put a MK3 Collector on top of the Red Matter Furnace so they have unlimited fuel and don't need to change it out constantly when it is utilized in a factory. Red Matter Furnaces can be pumped into using pipes and out of using pipes, this means you can have an infinite supply of ingots if you have ores being pumped from an energy condenser into it and the ingots being pumped out.


Crafting GUI.png

RM Block

RM Block

Dark Matter Furnace

RM Block

Red Matter Furnace

EMC calculation 3 x 466,944(Red Matter Block) + 1 x 1,114,120 (Dark Matter Furnace) = 2,752,520 EMC

Video Tutorial (Broken)Edit

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