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Logo-EE 40 Red Matter is a part of the Equivalent Exchange mod.
Red Matter
Grid Red Matter
Type Material
Stackable Yes (64)
EMC Value 466,944
Mod Included Equivalent Exchange

FYI: Red Matter has been removed in EE3

Once you craft your first Red Matter you can Target it in an Energy Condenser. Red Matter is used to create Tier 2 power items. Red Matter has an EMC value of 466,944.

As of of EE2, Red Matter orbs can be crafted as follow:

Note: For some people this recipe might not work. The below recipe may work instead. (In the version with this recipe it has an EMC value of 204,800)

Red Matter Tools:

Red Matter Armor:

Red Matter can also be used to craft MK3 Anti-Matter Relays and Collectors

Table of Transmutation for dummies (with a Klein Star).

Matter Amount
Grid Dirt Dirt/Cobblestone/Stone/Sand 7296 Stacks
Grid Iron (Ingot) Iron Ingots 1824
Grid Gold Ingot Gold Ingots 228
Grid Diamond Diamonds 57
Grid Dark Matter Dark Matter 3.3529...

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